Dumping Rules - Updated 15.jan.07

» You must register & get approved before dumping. You can open a new account here.

» All submitted videos are screened by the moderators and will be added to the site after being approved ( within 24 hours ).

» Depending on your dumping history and the quality of your videos, you may become a Certified Dumper. This status bypasses the manual screening and approval of your videos and allows them to be added directly to the listed movies. We may introduce other privileges for Certified Dumpers in the future.

» At the moment, we have set the limit to 5 videos per 24 hours per user. Do not exceed this limit, focus on quality rather than quantity.

» IMPORTANT: Redirecting the download/view links through UserCash and such services is acceptable but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should the link lead to a page other than the download/view page of the video.

» DO NOT overuse capital letters in the titles or descriptions and NEVER add extra characters just to draw attention to the title.

» We DO NOT TOLERATE child pornography. If you attempt to post such material, you will be banned immediately and your IP will be reported to the proper authorities.

» By dumping videos on Video-Dump.com, you are declaring that you are the copyright holder of the content you are posting and that you accept all legal responsibility if copyright infringement issues occur.

Additional information

» The rejected videos will be posted on the rejected movies page together with the rejection reason so check this page before contacting the moderators.

» Please provide the correct information for the videos when dumping. If we receive reports that the info you are providing is misleading/incorrect (Especially when it comes to titles and descriptions) all your videos will be deleted.

» It is important that you add correct and complete titles and descriptions to your videos since these fields are the ones that will be scanned when a visitor searches for a certain term. If your titles and descriptions are keyword rich, your videos will get a lot more views in the long run even when they are off the main page.

» The moderators have the LAST and FINAL word on which videos get approved or rejected. You can insure that your videos get approved by following the above rules.

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